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Astrology Chart Generator - Free Astrology Charts

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In that way, you can find the decan of not just your Sun, but also your rising sign or ascendant and that of your Moon. You will need your time of birth and location for this. Once you open the chart there are some preferences which includes Black Moon Lilith.

We explain what Mercury means for your mind, communication style, and those dreaded retrogrades.

You can set it to either True Lilith or Mean Lilith. I recommend True Lilith which is the default. You generally need time alone to think and recharge. For you, words always come with the intensity of a feeling—Mercury in Cancer folks make great novelists with their talent for writing about people and developing character storylines.

Natal chart software

Mercury in Leo people are the boisterous performers of the zodiac who love to inspire and entertain people with their words. Though you may sometimes make every conversation about yourself, you value fairness in communication and step into your power when you learn that silence can be golden. You have a special gift at hyping yourself and others up, giving lovely and thoughtful compliments to the people you care about. Mercury in Virgo people are down-to-earth and practical communicators, and methodical, detail-oriented, and analytical thinkers.

Your communication style is matter-of-fact and can sometimes be disarming to those who are more emotional communicators. Organization is important to you, and you usually have the most high tech or inventive hacks to help you stay on top of things.

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Sometimes, you become too focused on the small details and forget the bigger picture. Mercury in Libra people always seem to have the right words!

Those with Mercury in Scorpio are probing, skeptical, intuitive, and perceptive, and may come across as secretive and mysterious. You are keenly aware of emotions, but are also very calculating and business-minded. People with Mercury in Sagittarius love to inspire others with their speeches, and organize to bring people together and get things done!

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You tend to talk at length without specificity and use grandiose language, which can sometimes result in putting your foot in your mouth, but hey—every conversation with you is an adventure! You may enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing, and you love hypotheticals and learning something new. Mercury in Capricorn people have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, and a goal-oriented approach to life.