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Being a fixed earth sign, both are stubborn and will hold on to their perspectives even at the risk of domestic or marital unhappiness. It is this hard, unyielding nature of a Taurus that poses the biggest challenge to a long term relationship between partners of the same sign.

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Another personality trait that could have the potential for causing some unhappiness in a Taurus-Taurus match is their resistance to change. Though this is a relationship where both halves are comfortable with things as they are - as opposed to a Taurus-Gemini pair where the latter thrives on novelty - still there may be times when flexibility and adaptability can be the need of the hour and even determine the success of a venture in the long run.

And when neither partner is willing to take the initiative to bring in a positive change, a relationship that is already facing issues can quickly deteriorate.

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  • However, despite their stolid, fixed natures, the Bull is a very hard worker. If this means working towards a mutually satisfying relationship, you can trust both Taurus partners to give their all in making their love match a success. High-points of a Taurus-Taurus love compatibility In the final analysis however, a Taurus-Taurus match has more potential for compatibility than divisiveness.

    The secret to this the fact that they share some very fundamental personality traits which makes it easier for them to understand and appreciate each other.

    Like for instance when a Taurus man returns home for the hard day at the workplace, he can be reasonably sure that his Taurus partner will be at home with a hot home-cooked meal ready for him. If this had been a Gemini or Sagittarius partner, he might have been dragged out to a nightclub or diner much to his displeasure.

    Lesbian Zodiac Compatibility Tests to Take (#1-4)

    Again while a Taurus woman likes to be indulged with a fur coat or a weekend getaway at the nearby spa every now and then, she is suspicious of wasteful extravagance of an Aries or the ostentatious luxuries of a Leo woman. All this suits her Taurus partner just fine. He will ensure that his partner has a large home with a lovely garden perhaps with even an indoor swimming pool only on the reassurance that she will be as cautious as him where money matters are concerned.

    Well im know a taurus is a very ambitious sign right? And the thing is i have nothing going on for my self right now, no job, no school, so since i know he is a very ambitious sign i lied and said i had a job and that i was attending school, wich i will in jan, i lost my job so im going through a difficult stage of my life right now, but damn i like this guy, and i was scared he was going to reject me because of my situation what do guy think i should do other than get my!

    Gay Taurus Dating, Love & Attraction

    My experience with starsigns. Aries - if you realize that you guys have very different view points and can accept those differences you will more than likely have a strong friendship if not relationship. Unfortunately I think libras and taureans are better off as friends.

    Let the Leo go. Cancer - an amazing man that is easy to love but their extreme affection can be too much for a Taurus who also enjoys his space. Definitely a relationship tht can work if you are sexually attracted to eachother and if you are able to tone down or handle the affection from the cancerian.

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    Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs, most compatible with Taurus. Start Previous Page. Powered by Comment Script. E-mail Will not appear online. The difference in pace challenges Aries and raises the excitement level in the partnership. Aries may hustle to take care of business, while Taurus offers a serene haven of peace.

    Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

    Never forget that Taurus is essentially a homebody, while Aries is a social creature, who loves freedom and new experiences. You both have a healthy taste for pleasure, and the love you share is usually intense. Taurus is great at making money, but Aries is impulsive when it comes to finances and loves spending it.

    The Taurus man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

    As lovers, you are both highly sensual, but Aries may get bored with the unimaginative lovemaking and slow pace of Taurus. The Aries woman is your ultra-feminine ideal; you fulfil her fancy of an ambitious stud who loves adventure.

    Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Taurus

    The Taurus woman loves to be the woman behind the successful man. You love to experiment between the sheets.