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The Moon and Its gemstone Pearl Moon is the presiding deity of the element water, and rules over the tides of the sea, rainwater, plants and the vegetable kingdom. Moon represents the mother or female. It is a sub-planet of earth taking light from the sun. The colour of Moon is white.

Gem Stones

Its nature is mucus dominated, tender hearted, wise and learned. It influences mind, comfort, general well being and also the fortune of a person. The gem stone related to Moon is Pearl. White in colour they come in various shades like blue, pink, golden, silver, green black and rainbow. Blue and pink Pearls are the most precious of all Pearls. In the ancient Hindu holy texts, the pearls were also described in Atharvaveda, Garuda Purana etc. Ayurveda has references to pearl powder as a stimulant of digestion and to treat mental ailments. According to Marco Polo — , the kings of Malabar Coromandel Coast wore a necklace of rubies and precious pearls.

Before the creation of cultured pearls in the early s, natural pearls were rare and expensive and reserved almost exclusively for the noble and very rich. The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth but many other shapes of pearls occur. It is formed within living shelled molluscs when calcium carbonate is deposited in concentric layers. The largest pearl known 6. During the long history of pearls, the principal oyster beds lay in the Persian Gulf, along the coasts of India, Sri Lanka and in the Red Sea.

Chinese pearls came mainly from freshwater, whereas Japanese pearls from salt water. Freshwater pearls were discovered in the Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee River basins. Nowadays, Pearls are cultivated at the special plantations. Many pearls are artificially be dyed yellow, green, blue, brown, pink, purple, or black for ornamental use.

In in Japan, pearl farmers began growing cultured freshwater pearls. China has recently overtaken Japan in pearl production. Cultured pearls are less valuable than natural pearls, and imitation pearls are less valuable than cultured pearls.

Astro Point Sikar - Manufacturer of Astro Stone & emerald from Sikar

The solar day or sol on Mars is only slightly longer than an Earth day: 24 hours, 40 minutes. Mars is a masculine planet which radiates an intense and fiery energy. Mars governs soldiers and warfare, ambassadors and orators, restaurateur and cooks, athletes and pilots, real estate and construction.

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It rules the colour and the basic energy of life. The planet is named after the Roman god of war.

In Indian Mythology Mars is the son of the earth. Mars often indicates a violent temper and destructive tendencies. Gemstones ruled by Mars include natural red coral, carnelian, and other pink to red ochre coloured gems. Coral is one of the most attractive decorative materials. Like the pearls, corals are also organic jewellery products of the water, chemically closely related with each other and consist of more than 90 per cent calcium carbonate.

Coral, it is said, relieves tension and fear and promotes positive forms of social life.

Effective Use of Gems in Astrology

When we hear the word coral we first think of the coral reefs of Australia or other beautiful protected coral reefs. But jewellery species are different. Corals polyps, surrounded by a fleshy skin, excrete a carbonic substance from which the corals grow like trees and branches.

These can attain a height of 40 cm, though the actual branches seldom exceed 4 cm. Traditionally, the fragile little coral trees were brought up from the depths with trawl nets. However, since first-class corals have now become rather rare, divers are now deployed, in a less destructive process going down and harvesting the sensitive coral branches.

After that, the branches are cleaned, sorted and processed. Unprocessed, coral is matt but after polish takes on beautiful shine. It is often porous, full of holes or cracked, and in these cases it is of lesser quality. Coral of such kind is sometimes filled with coloured wax to improve its appearance. Genuine untreated coral is rare. High-quality coral is of an even colour and free of cracks, blotches, striations and holes. Corals range in colours from red to white and from blue and brown to black. The most popular are the red hues.

Black corals and gold corals are very much in fashion, whilst the blue ones are extremely rare. The white of the angel skin coral, suffused with pink, is regarded as particularly precious.

Table of Planets, Mantras, Chakras, Ring Placement, Metal To Be Used

On the one hand corals are not particularly sensitive, but with a hardness of only 3. Their beauty can easily be impaired by the wrong treatment, for example cosmetics, hot water or bright light. Coral jewellery should be kept in a safe place and from time to time cleaned with a soft, damp towel. If the surface of the coral does get scratched, the jeweller can have it re-polished. Mercury is closest to sun. It governs intelligence and rules fields such as education, literature, communication, and public speaking. It is associated with the green, agriculture, travel, and the nervous system, youthful, fast-moving energy, Mercury appears prominently in the horoscopes of people who are playful, enthusiastic, talkative, astrologers, accounts and sculptors.

The gem stone of Mercury is the Emerald. Emeralds are fascinating gemstones. They have the most beautiful, most intense and most radiant green. In top quality, fine emeralds are even more valuable than diamonds. The Incas and Aztecs of South America, where the best emeralds are still found today, regarded the emerald as a holy gemstone. However, probably the oldest known finds were once made near the Red Sea in Egypt. Having said that, these gemstone mines, already exploited by Egyptian pharaohs between and B.

Written many centuries ago, the Vedas, the holy scriptures of the Indians, say of the precious green gems and their healing properties: good luck and well-being. So it was no wonder that the treasure chests of Indian maharajas and maharanis contained wonderful emeralds. It dates from , weighs One side of it is inscribed with prayer texts, and engraved on the other there are magnificent floral ornaments.

The collection of the Bank of Bogota includes five valuable emerald crystals with weights of between and carats, and splendid emeralds also form part of the Iranian National Treasury, adorning, for example, the diadem of the former Empress Farah.

Introduction to Astrology and Gemstones

The green of the emerald is the colour of life and of the springtime, which comes round again and again. But it has also, for centuries, been the colour of beauty and of constant love. Green is also the holy colour of Islam. Really good quality is fairly rare, with inclusions often marring the evenness of the colour — signs of the turbulent genesis which has characterised this gemstone. Fine inclusions, however, do not by any means diminish the high regard in which it is held. On the contrary: even with inclusions, an emerald in a deep, lively green still has a much higher value than an almost flawless emerald whose colour is paler.

From a chemical-mineralogical point of view, emeralds are beryllium-aluminium-silicates with a good hardness of 7. Colombia continues to be at the top of the list in terms of the countries in which fine emeralds are found. Whilst its good hardness protects the emerald to a large extent from scratches, its brittleness and many fissures can make its cutting, setting and cleaning rather difficult because of the high value of the raw crystals, and secondly because of the frequent inclusions.